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CNA China has been totally focused on metals & WEEE recycling, turn waste back to useful materials.

CNA Metals China Ltd. was established in March 2014. The company provides non-ferrous, ferrous, and WEEE recycling services, the company also supplies metals commodity.

The company's founder has over 15 years of experience in recycling and disposal management, and its business has expanded to abandonment cargo management services,  solutions for shipping companies, also we provide brand destruction and confidential data destruction service, which destroys and recycles waste under strict monitoring and downstream tracking, ensures that all of the waste processes in the highest standards of environmental protection, providing our customers with the greatest assurance of confidence.

CNA China implements environmental protection and sustainable development in our services, to protect our customers' intellectual property and data safety in our first place; handles waste in a safe and environmentally friendly way to obtain the highest recycling value to our customer.

In recent years, people’s importance of environmental and privacy awareness, proper and correct treatment to disposal of waste is important, the company continues to expand waste management and treatment services, and constantly develops innovative recycling technologies to "turn waste into useful materials " remove hazardous substances. Recycling waste materials to achieve a "circular economy" to reduce the overdose development of earth resources.

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